“Leftists-only” dating app hopes to seize the way of seduction in Brazil

<title>“Leftists-only” dating app hopes to seize the way of seduction in Brazil</title> <p>The polarization that is political Brazil is now so pervasive so it seeps into virtually every part of everyday life. Family lunches have grown to be battlegrounds, taxi journeys similar to white-knuckle roller coaster trips, as well as the age-old work of courtship is no further immune to ideological obstacles. </p> <p>“Did he really vote for the man? ”</p> <h2>“She wishes who away from prison?! ”</h2> <p>They are typical problems for Brazilians in the dating scene, where politics is generally among the first topics in the agenda. On dating apps, it is exactly the same. Consumer bios on Tinder will very nearly constantly include each person’s governmental leanings, more being a time-saving measure than whatever else. </p> <p>Quite simply, some body left-wing is not likely to fall asleep by having a Bolsonaro voter, and a relationship would never ever workout between an admirer

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