Tableau Vivant: Eaton’s Catalogue 1976

<title>Tableau Vivant: Eaton's Catalogue 1976</title><p>Those of us whom spent my youth in united states into the 1960s and 70s lacked art, Bible tales, and history as universal recommendations. The tome that shaped our values most tangibly had been the emporium catalogue, a wish guide of that which we might have and whom we're able to be when it was got by us. Gender had been demonstrably defined, battle ended up being single, and course had been center. In this performance we make use of the tableau type to enact a web page through the Eaton’s catalogue, the most-read guide of our Canadian youth. We now have paired women’s formals (a appearance we now have had trouble effectively fitting into) with restroom plumbing system to invoke the bounty that is endless cleanliness and hope that the catalogue implied. Three females stay in vacant stillness, water streaming through the spouts at their

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