Marijuana growers turning to hemp as CBD extract explodes

<title>Marijuana growers turning to hemp as CBD extract explodes</title> <p>SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (AP) — A glut of appropriate cannabis is driving Oregon pot costs to rock-bottom amounts, prompting some stressed growers to begin pivoting to some other types of cannabis in order to make ends meet one that is does not have a higher.</p> <p>Applications for state licenses to cultivate hemp — marijuana’s non-intoxicating relative — have increased a lot more than twentyfold since 2015, making Oregon # 2 behind Colorado on the list of 19 states with active hemp cultivation. The quickly evolving market comes amid skyrocketing demand for a hemp-derived extract called cannabidiol, or CBD, seen by numerous as a wellness help.</p> <p> In its purified distilled form, CBD oil commands thousands per kg, and farmers will make significantly more than $100,000 an acre growing hemp plants to make it. That distillate can certainly

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