State of Alaska Department of Public Protection

<title>State of Alaska Department of Public Protection</title> <p>Offenders who have been convicted after 10, 1994 of crimes that are defined as a “sex offense” in AS 12.63 are required to register with the Alaska Sex Offender Registry august.</p> <p> on the web registry contains 3527 entries.</p> <p>A intercourse child or offender kidnapper who's life in Alaska must register:</p> <p><ul> <li> By the following day that is working conviction for a intercourse offense or kid kidnapping, if you don't incarcerated at the time of the conviction.</li> <li>Before launch from an in state facility that is correctional if incarcerated for a intercourse offense or kid kidnapping.</li> </ul> </p> <p>AS 12.63.100 defines the offenses that want registration. Registration could be the individual responsibility for the convicted individual.</p> <p>A intercourse offender or son or daughter kidnapper whom moves to Alaska from another jurisdiction must register:</p> <p><ul> <li>

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