A Sister that is real Wife Out: Why I Chose Polygamy

<title>A Sister that is real Wife Out: Why I Chose Polygamy</title> <p>Vicki Darger is married to Joe Darger, that is also hitched to Alina Darger and Val Darger. They and their 20+ kids reside in residential district Salt Lake City.</p> <p>Lots of people's response to plural wedding could be summed up in a single term: yuck. They assume the guys are perverted or have huge ego or are overly intimate. Quite the contrary: If a guy has some of those faculties, their relationships that are plural not very likely to endure. We truly would not stick to Joe if he previously some of those characteristics. I am perhaps maybe not here to be a model for a guy, nor are my wives that are sister. Most guys do not enter this life style they have a sincere sense of a

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