Kenzo’s all-Asian show made me feel I had a spot in fashion

<title>Kenzo’s all-Asian show made me feel I had a spot in fashion</title> <h2>In a market that many times gets variety incorrect, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s authentic tribute to the brand’s history is just a shining exemplory instance of just how to still do it</h2> <p>okay, let’s face it fashion that is not exactly the greatest at diverse representation. As an Asian girl involved in media – and, within that, fashion too – I’m extremely usually conscious of exactly how little we see my experience reflected with what surrounds me personally on a basis that is daily. From endless samples of Hollywood whitewashing Asian stories and figures, to your irony of Karlie Kloss, rather than an real Japanese model, dressed being a geisha in exactly what United states Vogue plugged as a varied problem, I’m regrettably accustomed the industry I’ve constantly desired (and

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